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Best Foods for Dogs with Cancer

Best Foods for Dogs with Cancer

Best Foods for Dogs with Cancer

Best Foods for Dogs with Cancer

Best Foods for Dogs with Cancer

Your dog’s nutrition impacts every aspect of his life, including growth, behavior, and health. So to make sure that your dog is free of cancer, you need to feed him with homemade dog food and raw dog food. Remember the key components that you want to get out of the food you feed your dog is health. This constitutes of how long your dog will live and the quality of life he will lead.

Raw meat: A raw meat diet is the most essential and important diet plan that can help your dog against cancer. This diet will provide your dog with naturally balanced nutrition. The animal fats will keep your dog’s skin and coat elastic and smooth. Chewing of raw meat helps the gums and teeth stay cleaner and healthier. The proteins supplied by the meat will provide your dog with energy and vitality. Moreover, the bones accompanied by natural cartilage will help your dog have strong bones along with healthy joints.

Sea vegetables: These are the best sources of minerals for your dog. They are ideal foods for your dogs, since, unlike most plant foods, they are easy to digest. They are rich in protein as well as low in fat and salt. Sea vegetables present several nutritional benefits for your dog, such as: preventing cancer and fighting tumors, enhancing your dog immune system, supporting thyroid function, providing extra iodine, assisting in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, preventing heavy metal accumulation, and assisting with post-cancer treatment.

Oily fish-salmon: Oily fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will help your dog fight cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation helps to keep cancer cells from growing and spreading. Omega-3s are recommended for dogs with cancer, just as they are now being used by veterinarians in dogs whose heart condition is critical. Unlike other nutrients that you supply your dog with, you are advised to consult your veterinarian as far as the amount of omega-3 your dog should ingest.

BARF dinner: This diet is rich in protein and other nutrients and it is convenient if your dog has cancer. You need one pound of raw meat, one raw egg, half chopped clove garlic, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, and two hundred and fifty milligrams of vitamin C for dogs. Mix the ingredients together and serve. The raw meat should constitute of beef chunks, raw chicken, lamb or mackerel.

Turkey stew: This stew can help your dog’s teeth, offer natural calcium besides phosphorus and add variety to your dog’s diet, which are essential in fighting cancer. What you need to come up with a homemade turkey stew include: 1 pound of minced turkey meat, one cup of rolled oats, one cup of chicken broth, one tablespoon of chicken gravy, half a cup of green beans, and half a cup of finely chopped carrot. Combine all the stated ingredients in a pot and cook over medium heat until turkey meat is cooked through and oats have started to smell. Allow the stew to cool before serving your dog.

Oranges and grapefruit: Oranges contain pure vitamin C good for supporting your dog’s immune system, reducing cholesterol, and a powerful anti-cancer element. The skin comprises of oils that stimulate the immune system, which are used in cancer treatment. Grapefruit is rich in calcium, vitamin C and A, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin K, and raises the efficiency of your dog’s nutrient absorption in addition to effectiveness of other fruits and vegetables when mixed. When combined with oranges, they form an effective cancer fighting tool.


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