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How Can I Register My Dog as an Anxiety Service Dog?

How Can I Register My Dog as an Anxiety Service Dog?

What to know: If you have a service dog for anxiety, you can register your dog with a registry like ServiceDogCertifications after affirming you have met all the necessary qualifications. Note that while registering a service dog can be useful, it is not required under the ADA. 

Why register an anxiety service dog?

Handlers with anxiety disabilities use psychiatric service dogs to assist with their condition. Some handlers have anxiety severe enough to qualify as an ADA disability, while others have anxiety in combination with other health issues. 

To qualify as a service dog, the dog must be individually trained to perform a job or task related to the handler’s disability. There is no documentation requirement for service dogs, but some PSD owners choose to get PSD letters

PSD letters also voluntarily choose to use ID cards, tags, vests, and other service dog signifiers to show their dog is on duty. These items can be beneficial for those with invisible disabilities, such as debilitating anxiety. You can opt to register an anxiety service dog with a registry and obtain an associated ID card. 

Steps to Registering an Anxiety Service Dog

You can register an anxiety service dog once you have completed ADA qualification procedures. You cannot register a service dog unless you have met these requirements. 

To register a service dog with ServiceDogCertifications, you must affirm you have met these standards. You will enter your service dog’s information in the database and can obtain an ID card linked to that database. 

An ID card and registration for a PSD can be very handy, but remember that third parties cannot demand to see them as a condition of entry.

How Can I Register My Dog as an Anxiety Service Dog?
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