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Pets of the Homeless Free Medical Care and Other Provisions – 3 Things You Should Know

Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit animal organization that ensures the animals that provide companionship for homeless men and women are well-fed and healthy. These are the pets who follow their masters every single second of the day. They move from place to place with their humans to seek shelter and a good bed to sleep at night.

It might not be easy to fathom why the homeless would want to have a dog around when they can’t even have enough provisions for their basic needs. But this is a situation happens and Pets of the Homeless knows they can do something about it. Here are three things you should know about the nonprofit organization:

1) Pets of the Homeless was established by Genevieve Frederick. She saw that even when the homeless have no material belongings, it is remarkable how they can keep special bonds with their dogs. Incredibly, many of these homeless pets walk side by side with their masters without any leash, and Frederick observed that the dogs are usually happy too, per Just For Media. She had to urge to at least help make their conditions better.

2) Frederick learned that the homeless are sometimes turned away from shelters because they have pets, when it’s the only thing that they have besides the clothes on their backs. Hence, she was inspired to set up a food donation drive for the homeless and their pets and this was how the organization started in 2008.

3) Pets of the Homeless soon got in touch with veterinarians and volunteers to continue their work. They have expanded their cause to different programs, helping at over 13,000 animals. Aside from giving free pet foods, the organization offers free wellness clinic treatments, emergency care and pet crate provisions.

“For shelters that say ‘yes,’ we will send that shelter free collapsible sleeping crates, so that these people can get in out of the cold, out of the heat, off the streets, for just a little bit,” said Frederick via Huffington Post. “This keeps them in a secure place and keeps everybody safe.”

You can extend help, volunteer or learn about Pets of the Homeless here.

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