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Having a service dog provides an individual with the freedom to do things that a disability or challenge may otherwise not allow them to do. These specially trained canines are more than just companions, they can be the eyes, ears, hands and even medical alert that makes a huge difference in the lives of those who need one.

When we see a person with a dog in a public setting, the service dog is usually wearing a red or blue vest to identify it as a working dog. Why do you need a vest for a service dog? The reasons may surprise you.

Service Dog Regulations

Under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) a service dog is defined as a canine that is specifically and individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. These can include;

Guiding the blind Alerting the deaf Pulling a wheelchair Alerting and protecting those with seizures Alerting those with mental illness to take a medication Calming a person with PTSD or other anxiety issues

These dogs are working animals and are therefore not regarded as an ordinary pet. This means those folks with a service animal will be given access to public places and housing where other animals may not normally be allowed.

A service animal must also be under control at all times with the aid of a harness, tether or leash. If the person is unable to use these devices, then the dog must be under full control by using voice, hand or other means of command.

How Can a Person Get a Service Dog?

In order to be eligible for a service dog, you must first be disabled under the definition of the American Disability Act (or the one applicable in your country). This will be determined by a doctor and put in writing.

The next step is that you will have to know exactly what the tasks are the service dog is going to be performing for you (ie, alerting, guiding, retriever etc.). This is what your dog will be trained to do, usually through an accredited agency that specializes in training and providing service dogs.

In addition, you will have to be willing to wait for your service dog to be trained. This can take up to three years depending on what the dog needs to do.

Lastly, service dogs are costly. These specialized pooches can run upwards of $25,000 if you use a trainer! Remember that you are able to train your own service dog.

Why Identification for Service Dogs is Important

Although it is not required by law, it’s always best to provide a service dog with a vest or other identification stating that it is a working dog. These vests are specially designed with “service dog” printed on them or badges that clearly id them as a working animal. This simply attire allows the handler to freely access those areas that may otherwise be restricted to pets. For example, if you were to try to get a dog through an airport security without the proper service dog vest or badge, it would be a huge hassle.

Service dog vests also stop the general public from making a fuss when a person brings the dog into other public places like restaurants. In addition, this type of identification also alerts people to the fact that the service dog is not just a pet, but is there to aid the individual. Therefore, the animal should never be approached, spoken to or petted without the consent of the handler. Any distraction to the dog could cause harm to the individual that needs the canine to be “on duty.” Register your service dog by clicking the link below.

Click to Register your Service Dog

Service Dog Rules

You and your service dog have rights and there are rules in place to protect those rights. These include;

People can only make minimal inquiries about your disability if it is not obvious. In fact, there are only two questions they can ask; is the dog required for a disability and if so, what task(s) does the dog perform? The service dog cannot be denied access to public areas because of a fear of dogs or an allergy. The person or people who suffer from fear and allergies to dogs must also have provisions made available to them. The working canine can only be removed from a public area due to unruly behavior or it’s not housebroken. Service dogs are allowed in those areas that sell/prepare food The handler cannot be treated differently, secluded to a different area or charged more (as with airlines or hotels) to have their service dog with them.

Service Dogs Are Important

There’s a reason why service dogs have special privileges, rights, and even identification, it’s because these animals perform important tasks each day. Having the aid of a service dog allows the person with a disability to live a normal life.

The next time you see a service dog, remember what you’ve read here today and know these dedicated canines may be that person’s lifeline.

When you have a service dog, there are a lot of things to think about including diet, service dog training, and believe it or not, wardrobe.  The type of vest your service dog wears is actually a big decision and it has a lot of factors to consider.  Those factors include the weather where you live, the type of dog you have, and your lifestyle.  Today, let’s look at 4 favorites and which dogs they fit best.

First there is the Tiny Service Dog Cape Vest.  This one is made for all your littlest companions.  Most of the dogs that would use this vest would fall into the teacup, toy, or mini range with a chest girth of 11″-24″ which spans all 4 sizes available.  This is your most basic mesh vest.  It can be used for therapy dogs, service dogs, or emotional support dogs. A patch can be added to clarify what type of working dog is wearing the vest.  The material is very lightweight though still durable.  IT is also edged in reflective material to help make your dog more visible.

Next, let’s look at the Regular Service Dog Cape Vest. This one is like the Tiny Service Dog Cape Vest, just in a larger size.  This one is for dogs with a chest girth of 26″-34″ and comes in 2 size options.  Like the smaller version, it is made of high quality, lightweight mesh trimmed in reflective material.  One of the most attractive features about this basic vest is the cost since this one is going to be at the lowest price point.  This is really a determining factor for some, especially when working from a budget.

Third, there is the Reflective Service Dog Harness Vest.  This one is made of 2 layers of industrial high denier cross-link mesh making it even more heavy duty.  It also has the reflective edging for visibility.  One really nice added feature of this vest is the welded rings.  There are 3 of them which are great for attaching your dog’s service ID card, and a leach.  This vest also can be labeled with patches denoting service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support animal.  This is also a great choice for large dogs with 4 sizes that range from 24″ to 42″ which is a massive chest girth.  It is important to remember that the cross-linked mesh does make the vest less breathable so it could make temperature a factor for your service dog especially in warmer climates.

Finally, there is the Alpha Service Dog Harness Vest.  This one is top of the line and also the best service dog vest, which also means that it comes with a slightly higher price tag.  First it is padded for maximum comfort.  This one also moves away from mesh into poly coated fabric making it water resistant as well as seriously durable.  Like the Reflective Service Dog Harness Vest, it comes with the 3 welded rings for ID and leashes but it also features a handle.  This one comes with 2 patches to clearly identify whether you have a therapy dog, service dog, or emotional support dog.  It also comes in 4 sizes from 20”-42”.  The one thing this one lacks it reflective edging so that may be a deciding factor if you and your animal spend a lot of time outdoors at night.

Making sure that people clearly know you have a working dog is such a benefit to you and your service dog.  A service dog vest is an easy way to convey that information to those you may encounter as part of your life and travels.  These service dog vests do the job in style with the comfort of your animal in focus.

Remember, a vest is not just for a service dogs. You can use a different patch for your Emotional Support Animal or Therapy Dog!

Tiny Service Dog Mesh Cape Vest

Regular Service Dog Cape Vest

Reflective Service Dog Vest

Classic Service Dog Harness Vest