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11 signs of cancer in dogs

11 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Although a single symptom may not be indicative of cancer, being cautious and aware is important. Thank you Parkerpup.com for the great infographic.

11 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

11 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

11 Possible signs of cancer in dogs:

  1. Straining to poop/thin, ribbon like stools
  2. Lethargy or no appetite
  3. Any new bumps or lumps
  4. Drainage or odor from ears (note: this is also very common with ear infections)
  5. Runny nose, especially a bloody nose
  6. Unusually foul breath & excessive drooling
  7. Increased thirst and urination
  8. Diarrhea / Vomiting
  9. Change ins shape, size, or feel of an existing lump
  10. Limping/change in gait
  11. Difficulty urinating and/or blood in urine (note: also very common with urinary tract infections)

You know your dog best, so if he or she is exhibiting symptoms that are not normal, please contact your vet.

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