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Who We Are

Service Dog Certifications was founded to assist owners of service dogs, emotional support animals, psychiatric service dogs, and therapy animals. We understand how incredibly important an assistance animal can be for physical and mental wellbeing. We publish educational material to inform the general public about the rights of assistance animal owners. In addition, we offer products and accessories that make life easier for assistance animal owners when they leave their homes.

Our organization’s mission is to further these objectives:

  • Educate the general public with factual information about assistance animals.
  • Help owners of assistance animals live free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Promote the ethical use of assistance animal designations.
  • Offer products that enable assistance animal owners to discreetly signal their special needs to the public.
  • Destigmatize disabilities and mental health conditions.
  • Work to dispel harmful stereotypes and myths about assistance animals and their owners.

We also work to combat the promotion of false and deceptive information about qualifying for assistance animals. We are not a government organization or an official certifying body (because there is no such thing as an officially sanctioned institution for certifying assistance animals). We are a private organization founded by assistance animal owners who believe in advocating for all owners of legitimate service dogs, ESAs, and therapy animals.