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Can the Police Ask for Service Dog Proof?

Can the Police Ask for Service Dog Proof?

What the ADA says: Police, like any other third party, can verify a service dog by asking two questions: 1. Is the dog a service dog required for a disability? and 2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Do you have to provide the police with anything else? Just like with other third parties, you can voluntarily show a service dog ID card, vest, tag, or certificate. However, you can’t be denied entry if you don’t have or just forgot to bring these items.

How service dog accessories make life easier 🐕‍🦺 :
Rather than explaining their situation to every passerby in a no-dog environment or having people inappropriately touch their dog, service dog owners use these items to visually inform others and keep them at a safe distance.

Countless service dog handlers are repeatedly badgered for ID cards and certificates to prove they own a service dog. Therefore, many owners have these items handy instead of getting into recurring debates about service dog verification procedures.

What else to keep in mind: Remember, most people are not as well-informed about service dog rights. You can present your service dog ID card, certificate, or other accessories, but if you don’t have these items on you, the best course of action is to calmly explain that answering the two questions defined by the ADA is sufficient.

Can the Police Ask for Service Dog Proof?
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