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Save a Dog With Your Pacemaker – How to Donate

Save a Dog With Your Pacemaker – How to Donate

Do you have a pacemaker, or do you know someone that does? If you’re on this site, we already know you love furry friends, and now you can make a difference in a dog’s life. We’re not allowed to donate pacemakers to people, but you may be surprised to find out they can be donated to a dog.

You see, dogs can use pacemakers just like humans, and a human pacemaker works in dogs.  Best of all, humans can leave a note in their will to allow the pacemaker to be removed and donated to save a dog’s life. And there are plenty of dogs that need pacemakers.

According to this article, 10% of all dogs and 75% of senior dogs die or suffer from congestive heart failure or heart disease. And studies from the NIH and veterinary clinics across the country share similar stats like this one for senior dogs and this one about heart disease in dogs. 

One study from the University of Minnesota showed that 86% of dogs survived up to a year after the pacemaker was installed, with a 65% survival rate three years later. And this study from the NIH showed dogs that have atrial standstill survived 866 days longer because of the pacemakers.

Save a dog with your pacemaker
Donating a human pacemaker to a dog can give the furry friend a second lease of life.

If you’re ready to donate or are curious about whether your pacemaker qualifies, read on. 

How to Tell If Your Pacemaker Can Be Donated to a Dog

Whether your pacemaker can be donated depends on a number of factors, including the battery life left and its age. Your doctor and the veterinary clinic you work with can help you understand whether your pacemaker is eligible for donation to a pup. 

How and Where to Donate Your Pacemaker to a Dog

There are two common ways people transfer their pacemakers to a dog. The first is to have your will modified so that when you pass away, there are instructions to have it removed and sent to the clinic of your choice. The other is to request your doctor save the pacemaker for donation when yours is being replaced or upgraded. 

And the good news, there is no shortage of programs and places you can donate your pacemaker to in order to save a dog’s life:

  • Your local veterinary hospital where they perform heart surgeries
  • Local animal shelters can provide you with options if they have partnerships with medical facilities
  • Colleges and universities with veterinary medicine programs
  • Contact your local pet pharmacy to see if they have a list of dogs with heart problems and ask them to email the pet parents

When your pacemaker is no longer needed for your life, see if you can give life to another by donating it to a furry friend!

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