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Therapy Dog Certification Online

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Is your dog the star of the party? Are they able to cheer you up even when you are feeling down? Do they remain calm in stressful situations? If so, we can help you certify your dog as a therapy dog.

Since there is a lot of misinformation regarding the various types of assistance animals, our first step is to provide clarity.

What is a Therapy Dog?

A therapy dog is a kind, gentle, and well behaved dog that provides comfort and support to others. The key word here is others.

Therapy dogs service people in hospitals, schools, and convalescent home. Their presence often provides comfort and love to those who may be hurting or suffering. They can either spend time next to the person or even provide physical comfort by laying next to them. A therapy dog’s comfort can come in different forms but their presence is often healing.

Should my dog become a therapy dog?

Certifying your dog as a therapy dog is not just work for them, but it is work for you as well. If you are interested in helping others, a great way to do this is by taking your dog to hospitals to brighten up the day of those who may be undergoing chemotherapy. If you are interested in doing this, Service Dog Certifications can help you certify your therapy dog.

Certified Service Dog Registration

How to certify your Therapy Dog?

You may certify your therapy dog in two simple, but important steps –

First, confirm your dog is well behaved and can follow all basic commands. Unlike a service dog whose job is ot perform a task to aid in your disability, a therapy dog do not require special training. They do need to be calm and in your control at all times. This is especially true for therapy does as they are often in hospitals and schools with lots of noise and distractions.

Second, order your therapy dog their identification card and vest. This is an important step to traveling to public places such as a school with our therapy dog. These places often do not allow for pets so it’s important that you have the proper paperwork before heading to these places. Staff may not be aware that a therapy dog is joining them so this helps avoid any tension.

Therapy dog registration

Certify and register your dog here

What special access does a Therapy Dog have?

Therapy dogs do not have public access rights and must be invited in. This means, before showing up at the hospital with your therapy dog, contact the hospital ahead of time. Ask to be transferred to the attending nurse or the head of patient care. They will advise you on the steps to bringing your therapy dog into the hospital. Of course, hospitals are excited to have you and your therapy dog join them, but it is important ot follow all the steps so everyone is protected.

But wait, in addition to having your dog support others, you would like them to support you as well. This means you are looking for an Emotional Support Animal instead. It is possible for your dog to be both a therapy dog for others and an emotional support dog for yourself.  However, the steps to certify your dog as an Emotional Support dog is different.

How to qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?

To qualify for an Emotional Support Animal, you need an ESA letter from an ESA Doctor or Therapist. It is important ot seek support from a medical professional and licensed therapist who is well versed in ESA regulations. If your current therapist is familiar will ESA law and can write you an ESA letter, that is your best choice.

If your therapist is unfamiliar with ESA law or does not believe in animal therapy, you may seek support from a legitimate referral company such as ESA Doctors.

When seeking support online, it is important to be wary of discount sites or sites that guarantee “instant approval”. Many of these companies may be ESA Letter mills or work with therapists whose license may not be recognized in your state. Top referral companies such as ESA Doctors will pair you with a therapist directly.

esa letter steps

Click here to get your ESA letter

What Special Access Does an Emotional Support Animal Have?

Your dog may already be your best friend and act as your emotional support animal. Why is it necessary to make it official with an ESA note?

The reason is that Emotional Support Animals are protected under federal law. Under the Fair Housing Act ESA’s have access to “no-pets housing”, and landlords cannot charge an additional fee for granting access to your ESA.

It goes without saying, your ESA needs to be well trained and in your control. If your ESA causes harm to others, the landlord can deny access. Remember, your ESA is your responsibility.

Can You Qualify for a Legitimate ESA Letter online?

Yes! Thanks to technology and telehealth service, you can qualify for a legitimate ESA letter online.

Each state has their own telehealth service regulations. Some require the therapist have an in-state license while some states will allow doctors such as a psychologist to practice across borders. To connect to a therapist and see if you qualify for an ESA letter, click on the link below to complete an ESA questionnaire.

See if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal letter from ESA Doctors by clicking the link below.


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