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What should you do if you are discriminated against because you have a service dog?

Public perception and the law don’t necessarily agree in this area. If you believe you have been prevented from accessing a businesses products or services because you are disabled and happen to have a service dog, the first step is to document the incident and present your complaint to the business.  The next step is to file a complaint with the appropriate federal and state agencies (often this is the Human Rights Commission). Finally, take your experience to the web. Filing a report on sites like and will often catch the attention of the senior management of the store.

Many people call seals the dogs of the sea, and they may have a point. Seals are curious creatures and are mostly docile with humans. Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders were surfing and filming with their Go Pro when a seal jumped on Matt’s surfboard. The seal couldn’t get steady footing, but stayed for over and hour and body surfed with the duo from Great Britain. Seals are friendly creatures that will come up to humans, but the wildlife organization asks that you do not pet them.

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Cletus the service dog walks in place of his owner at a Idaho graduation service. This heartbreaking video shows how important a service dog can be for their owner/handler.