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Hipster dogs

The hipster scene has been invading America over the past decade. Everyone seems to be growing handlebar mustaches and wearing large framed eyeglasses. Now some of these hipsters are dressing their dogs to join the movement.

Do PBR’s and suspenders make you a hipster? Or are you born to be a hipster? Some of these dogs look like they were born to be hipsters.

hipster dog 1This little guy has the glasses and scarf down.

hipster dog 2The beanie, sunglasses, and the look of indifference…born to be a hipster?

hipster dog 3The natural handlebar mustache of this macho mutt gives him real street cred.

hipster dog 6This young pup was also born with a mustache. Not quite a handlebar, but close!

hipster dog 9This big fella, can’t grow a real mustache. It’s ok! You can always buy one at the store!

hipster dog 5The natural monocle and hipster “pants” does make the hipster.

hipster dog 8Did this pup go overboard with his mustache? I don’t think so!

hipster cat 1Not a dog, but who cares. Cats can be hipsters too!



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