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Money-Saving Tips for Service Dog Owners

service dog money saving tips

To raise and maintain a service dog can cost a pretty penny. According to the Freedom Service Dogs of America, the cost of a Service Dog is approximately $25,000. Forbes magazine estimates a regular dog ownership to start at $17,650 and can go as high as $93,520 depending on the breed and size of the dog. 

Acquiring and training a service dog is costly. And having a service dog does come with some dismay from individuals who may not understand the owner’s needs. Therefore, some handlers decide to register their Service Dog in order to make the dog’s purpose more transparent.

Though service dog owners sure want to keep their service dogs well-taken care of, it can be a lot of money. Therefore, every little dollar counts. The following are a few money saving tips for you and your service dog. 

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1. Purchase Dog Food in Bulk 

It’s not easy dragging large bags of dog food around, but the savings might be worth it. Especially for large dogs, food can cut quite a chunk into your budget. One way to save money is purchasing dog food in large amounts when there is a sale or from big-box stores. If you don’t think you’ll be able to use up the food before it expires, you may want to ask a friend who has the same sized dog to split it with you.

Sharing the costs and buying in bulk can save you a lot of cash in the long run. 

2. Groom Your Service Dog at Home

Dog grooming can be expensive. However, it’s a necessary part of keeping your dog healthy. That said, grooming your own pet can also be difficult! If money is a big concern, make grooming your own dog a priority. There is a learning curve involved in grooming your dog, so make sure you educate yourself first. Start small by learning how to clip and buff your dog’s nails. Then move on to shampooing and cutting hair. Online tutorials, books, and web articles can teach you. Just know that you may need to invest in quality grooming tools in the beginning, but the cost savings will make up for them! 

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3. Start Coupon Clipping For Your Service Dog Needs

Even if you don’t do it for your own groceries, you can start coupon clipping for your service dog. Every little coupon counts. You don’t need to wait for the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons anymore; You can search for them online. The pet store and your veterinarian may also have coupons available, so don’t be afraid to look around or to ask. 

A service dog appreciates love and care more than receiving expensive goods.
A service dog appreciates love and care more than receiving expensive goods.

4. Become Your Service Dog DIY Expert

You can learn to DIY your dog’s products. Make it a hobby and it becomes fun! Your service dog won’t know the difference between a high-end doggy bed versus a DIY one. All your service dog will know is that it belongs to them and it’s full of warmth. You’ll see the gratitude in their eyes and feel proud that you made it for them! Even toys and dog houses can become DIY projects. You’ll enjoy finding the right DIY project for you and your service dog. 

Your service dog won’t know the difference between a high-end version versus a DIY item.

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5. Prevent Potential Dangers  

Prevention is key. Dog-proof your home to keep your service dog safe. Keep potential poisons away from your pet. Ensure your gates and fences can endure the onslaught of your service dog. Preventing accidents from happening will save you the tragedy having to take a sick or injured dog to the vet. 

Prevention also comes with maintaining your service dog’s health. Provide your dog with ample space to run, give them enough exercise, and maintain their weight. Veterinary fees can pile on when your dog is unhealthy. Start paying close attention to your dog’s health from the get-go and prevent veterinary fees in the future. 

If your money is tight and you don’t mind, many veterinary schools provide discounts with students in training. The services may be very basic, but the monetary savings are great. Service can include check-ups, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering. Stick to an accredited veterinary college and call around your area if you’re curious about the savings. 

Your Service Dog’s Love Does Not Need Riches

Your service dog will love you, regardless if their supplies are exquisite or bought from the dollar store. How you treat your service dog and care for them speaks more than a pricey outfit. Be mindful of what you spend money on and you can save money bit by bit. 

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About the Author: The writing team at Service Dog Certifications is made up of folks who really know their stuff when it comes to disability laws and assistance animals. Many of our writers and editors have service dogs themselves and share insights from their own experiences. All of us have a passion for disability rights and animals.

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