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Everything You Need to Know About Being in Las Vegas With Your Service Dog

Traveling to Las Vegas with your service dog? The city that never sleeps (nor stops gambling) is more than its iconic Strip. If you’re journeying into the heart of Nevada’s crown jewel with your service dog, it’s not just about rolling the dice – preparation is key. 

From the sizzling desert sun to the unique vibes of casino hotels, we have you covered. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about traveling with your service dog to Las Vegas, including how to get around, where to stay, and your legal rights. 

Local Considerations: The Heat Isn’t Just On The Craps Table

Vegas’ desert climate is the stuff of legends. Our canine companions are not suited to the extreme heat of Las Vegas. But before you step out, remember:

  • Hydration Station: Dogs need consistent hydration in the desert heat and after long walks in indoor resorts and casinos. Always have water on hand.
  • Paw Protection: Mid-day pavements are like walking on a skillet. If it’s too hot for the back of your hand after 5 seconds, it’s a no-go for your dog. Use dog booties for those paws if you must go out. 
  • Avoid the Burn: Stick to the early mornings or evenings for any long outdoor activities. Even at those times, be mindful of the temperatures – it can still be extremely hot. 
Service dog and handler outdoors on the hot pavement
While being in Las Vegas make sure the air and floor temperature is manageable for your service dog.

Las Vegas Hotels for Service Dogs 

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs can enter any public place. That includes the grandeur of the Bellagio or the chic Wynn. Hotels cannot charge you extra or limit you to certain rooms.

  • A Heads Up Helps: Inform your hotel beforehand. Not for legality, but courtesy. It ensures a smoother check-in.
  • Casino Floors and Sensory Overload: Those bright lights and jackpot jingles? They can overwhelm. Train your dog for these environments, and ensure regular breaks.
  • Pet-Friendly Hotels: Taking your dog outdoors can be tough with the scorching hot asphalt. The Strip, in particular, is not adjacent to many dog-friendly parks. Consider a hotel like the Vdara, which has an enclosed mini-park next to it. 

Flying to Las Vegas with your Service Dog

If you’re flying to Las Vegas, remember to inform your airline ahead of time. You can find a comprehensive guide to flying with a service dog at this link. Remember to complete the DOT’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form and submit it to your airline, ideally before departure day.

Once you’re at Harry Reid Airport, you can find multiple pet-relief stations throughout the airport. If you’re calling an Uber or Lyft, be sure to let your driver know that you are traveling with a service dog as a courtesy. 

Tips on Flying with Your Service Dog - Infographic - ServiceDogCertifications

Getting Around Las Vegas: Viva Las Mobility!

There are many safe ways to get around Las Vegas with your service dog. 

  • Taxis & Ride-shares: From cabs to Ubers, drivers generally know about service dogs. A quick heads-up ensures a seamless ride.
  • Las Vegas Monorail: A brilliant way to skip the traffic. Service dogs are welcome aboard.
  • Pedestrian Life: The Strip is deceptively large. Prepare for more walking than anticipated, but remember to be cautious in the heat. Use indoor walkways whenever possible – many hotels are connected this way. 

World-Class Entertainment and Your Dog

Many venues, from the Mirage’s Beatles LOVE to the magic of Penn & Teller, are service dog-friendly. However, the sensory richness might startle your dog, so ensure they’re conditioned and capable of handling such environments. 

There are also many beautiful outdoor destinations near Las Vegas. From the Red Rock Canyon to the Valley of Fire, these stunning locales are perfect to explore. Be sure to pack extra water and snacks for both of you.

Service Dog Verification in Las Vegas

You may be stopped by staff members at hotels, restaurants, and other venues who wonder why you have a dog with you. Remember, if your disability-related need for your service dog is not obvious, staff can only ask you two questions for verification:

  1. Is the dog a service dog required for a disability?
  2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Staff members cannot ask your dog to demonstrate its task or dig further into your condition or medical history. Accessories like ID cards, tags, and vests can also go a long way to avoid confrontation. 

Service Dog Laws in Las Vegas

Service dogs in Las Vegas are protected under both the federal ADA and Nevada state law. Public venues, hotels, and housing providers must accommodate service dog owners free of charge. Service dog handlers are protected against harassment and discrimination. 

To anyone considering passing off their pet as a service dog for the benefits: don’t do it! It is completely unethical and can also subject you to legal consequences and fines in Nevada. Having a service dog is a way of life for handlers, and disability laws were made to protect them. 

Leave the acting to the performers on the Strip: If your dog isn’t qualified as a service dog, don’t pretend that it is. 

If you’re a service dog owner and believe your rights were violated, consider reaching out to the Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center. They are a Nevada statewide non-profit organization that works to promote human, legal, and service rights for individuals with disabilities. 

Sin City Etiquette

Space and Respect: Remember, not everyone is dog-savvy. Ensure your dog is always under control, and be sensitive to those unfamiliar with service dog etiquette.

The Curious Bunch: Tourists may ask questions or even doubt the legitimacy of your service dog. Stay calm, possibly have identifiers like an ID, vest, or tags for your dog, and educate politely.

Just In Case: Vets In Vegas

Mishaps and illnesses can occur. It’s always wise to have a go-to. Some options include the Las Vegas Animal Emergency Center and the South Shores Animal Hospital. Be sure to call ahead of time to make sure a veterinarian is available on duty. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Las Vegas is a symphony of experiences waiting to be explored, and with your service dog by your side, it becomes even more special. Just remember, every journey is smoother with a bit of planning.

So, as you pack your bags and ready your dog for the trip, be confident. Las Vegas awaits you both. After all, in a city where anything can happen, it’s good to know you’ve got your loyal companion by your side.

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