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Can Uber Drivers Refuse Your Service Dog?

Can Uber Drivers Refuse Your Service Dog?

Uber’s policy: Service dogs are allowed to ride with their handlers at no extra cost. According to Uber’s guidelines, drivers are required to accommodate service animals and provide them with the same level of service as any other passenger.

What if your driver gives you a hard time?

If an Uber driver refuses to allow your service dog in the car or you face harassment, you can file a complaint with Uber. 

To file a report from the Uber Rider App, navigate to the “I Want To Report A Service Animal Issue” screen, available through the trip details screen and the account menu button.

After you file a report, Uber’s team will investigate the incident and act under its Service Animal Policy

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Uber Cleaning Fees

You do not have to pay any additional cleaning fees for hair or shedding from your service dog. If you are charged a cleaning fee after your ride has ended, you can contact Uber to request a refund. 

Proving you have a service dog

If the driver wants to verify that you own a service dog, they can ask two questions: 1. Is the dog a service dog required for a disability? and 2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform? 

It can also be helpful to identify your dog as a service animal by carrying an ID card or using accessories like vests and tags. The driver, however, cannot refuse your ride if you do not have these items. 

Practical Tips 💡

  • Make sure the driver is aware that your dog is a service animal so they do not mistakenly believe that it is a pet.
  • Most drivers appreciate it if you keep your service dog on the vehicle’s floor (unless your service dog is needed on your lap or by your side to provide its disability-related service). 
  • You are not responsible for cleaning fees for hair or shedding. However, it’s courteous to clean up after your dog whenever possible. 
Can Uber Drivers Refuse Your Service Dog?
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